Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Great Green Grocery Bags

My friend Kate bought me this set of three gigantic grocery bags for shopping. They are so great! They are waterproof so you can set them down on the wet ground while you open the hatch on the back of the van and your cereal boxes aren't all sopping wet.

Each one can carry about 70 pounds! The problem is that when they are full they are nearly impossible to lift from the cart when I don't have my strapping young sons with me at the store.

I also get a 6 cent credit for every bag I bring in at my grocery store. My bi-monthly trips used to require 12-14 paper bags. Now it is only 3!

I really love them, but I think I am going to need some smaller ones, too!

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Roaring Design said...

Ah yes, whenever I go to the store I take my great big blue IKEA bag with me. I can fit all my groceries in that. (And I use my little net bags for small trips.) I'm surprised how many stores will give you credit for bringing your own bag.