Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making Soap

Today my friend Kate came over with her friend Lisa (who just moved to town) and we made soap. Not the melt-and-pour kind, we made soap. When you look at the directions on-line, it seems really intimidating. But when I watched Kate do it, it was really simple. I think I could do it myself someday. (Well, except for the part where you test to see if the soap is done by touching it to your tongue to see if it "fizzes".) All you need is a crock pot, some oils, lye and a few other ingredients.

Some of the soap is just plain castille soap, some we made with lemon balm, some we added oatmeal, or lemongrass oil or tea tree oil or poppyseeds. Whatever we wanted.

The website we used is on my links list. Check it out if you are ever inclined to make soap for yourself.

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