Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whitens Your Teeth & Your Socks

I hate using bleach! It fills the whole laundry room with those nasty fumes and I am sure it eats holes in Chris' undershirts. And sometimes I can still smell it in the clothes even after they are dry. And I don't want to have to double rinse all my whites just to make sure all the "YMCA pool" smell is out of our undergarments. Oh, and when you are only 5'1" and you use the bleach dispenser and then you lean over the edge of the washer to get the clothes out of the bottom of the washer the bleach ruins the underarms of all your shirts. (I was beginning to worry about my body chemistry before I figured out what was going on) LOL

So, when I was reading in my green books (I can't remember which one) that a bottle of hydrogen peroxide will whiten a load of whites I had to try it. I have now washed 3 loads with peroxide (not quite a whole bottle per load, because I don't have huge loads of whites). I think they are just as white and don't make you worry about what is left behind.

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