Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why Buy New?

When you need something new, why go out and buy something? This week we were able to get all kinds of things that we needed out of other people's driveways.

On Wednesday, we got a new entertainment center for FREE from our next door neighbors. It was just what we needed to give all our electronics a nice home.

out with the old...

in with the new

Today was the Terry-Taylor Garage Sale. It is an entire neighborhood that has a garage sale every year on the first Saturday in August for about the past 20 years. It's quite a big deal around here! It's like a redneck Mall of America! If you are looking for something you need, this is the place to go.

our favorite coffee and popcorn stand,

plus it was WAY shorter than the line for elephant ears

they even had '63 (I think) Impalas

our couches

This year we had a mission: to find a new couch set for our family room. We left at 7:45 for the official 8am start, but by the time we got there (5 minutes later) it was already a madhouse! People had arrived as early as 5:30 to get a parking place and a jump on all the good stuff.

getting my sled back to the van

unloading the new couch from the trailer

But we were successful and found what we needed and a little bit more, including a Christmas gift for my sister!

my newest Christmas decoration

my newest project for the dining room

the most dinosaur-y cd rack ever!

now our family room looks better and is

MUCH more comfortable!


Just us Junts said...

The room looks great with your "new" furniture!!

Shannon Milsten said...

When we lived in Longview, the night before the sale Jeff and I would drive to the neighborhood. We could get some idea of what was out there. Then, we would park 1 car where I wanted to end up, or have it centrally located. The next morning, Jeff would simply drop me off and then I could shop as much as I wanted, but still had a good parking place (so that I wouldn't have to walk forever to dump off my treasures so I could do more shopping). Worked great for the several years I got to go...