Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frost Free Gardening

Last night was the first predicted frost of the season. Some of my gardening friends suggested that I pick all my remaining tomatoes and cover up my fall crops…just in case.

first frost 01 before winterizing

It was kind of sad to pull up all those plants that were so prolific and pretty, even though they were beginning to look a little pathetic… Now the garden looks strange and sad.

first frost 02 all snug and cozy

first frost 03

the last of the summer crop

I am hoping all the tomatoes ripen as nicely in the basement as they were on the vine. I threw in a couple of apples on the advice of a friend on Facebook. I hope it works!

first frost 04 first frost 05 I only picked the biggest of the green tomatoes

first frost 06

I was beginning to fear that I had done all that work in vain until Chris left for church this morning and his windshield was icy! Yay!

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