Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paper Pots

My sister Theresa brought the cutest little newspaper pots with her starts for the Seed & Start Swap. The really cool newspaper from the Chinese restaurant and the handmade tags really made them special and unique.

newspaper pots 09 The great thing about them is that they are quick, and easy to make and probably won’t cost you a thing. And you can plant them right into the garden just the way they are if you want to.

So, here’s how to make your own little paper pots out of items you have just lying around the house…

newspaper pots 08All you need is newspaper, scissors, a tall narrow glass and some tape

newspaper pots 01 

newspaper pots 02

newspaper pots 03

cut your newspaper into strips that are a single sheet thick

newspaper pots 04

roll them around the glass, leaving some hanging off the end of the glass

newspaper pots 05

fold the newspaper at the bottom of the glass like you would when you are wrapping a present and secure it with a piece of tape


newspaper pots 06

slip it off the glass (you can fold the top over into the inside of the pot if you want to reinforce the top or make it a bit shorter)

newspaper pots 07

I made these pots quick as a wink

But I warn you, it does make your hands pretty black! :o)

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Kari, RN said...

This looks like such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I love that you could just plant the whole thing in the garden if you want.