Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weed Free Winter

It is truly amazing how quickly my four guys were able to turn over my entire garden in order to get it ready for winter! Thanks guys!!!

My hope is to not have a garden full of weeds and grass in 2011. And to aid in my endeavor we covered it with a tarp and threw some sand on top. Hopefully in the spring there will be no weeds and then we’ll till in all that sand (plus my pile at the side of the garage) and tackle my clay problem, too!

winter garden 03 winter garden 02 I’m so glad we got it done while the sun was still out!

I also threw some hay over my strawberries. It’s supposed to be a cold winter and I’m hoping to make lots of jam and shortcake in the Spring!

winter garden 01Yup, I think we’re all ready for winter…

winterizing  03

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