Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chester and Bacon

On Saturday, our pig was delivered to their new home in Frank and Amy’s barn. Despite repeated warnings not to name our food, we have decided to name our pig Chester. It’s a nice name and I don’t know anyone by that name, so I think it is a perfect fit! I was glad everyone liked his name, since we are splitting him up with my sisters and a friend.

Unfortunately, Chester and Bacon (Frank & Amy’s pig) were not nearly as excited about meeting us as we were of meeting them… Poor little things! In a few months they’ll be much more amiable when they discover where there food comes from.

Sister Day 04 Sister Day 05Chester is the one on front with the darker spot on top of his head.

I think that Bacon is cuter than Chester but I think he’ll taste just as delicious! :o)


Misty said...

I raised pigs in 4-H. After the first year when I realized what happened when I sold them I stopped naming them people names. From then on they were Bacon, Ham, Pork Chop, etc. to remind me what they were raised for and to help keep me from getting attached.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I do have a friend from college that named a son Chester {his twin is Clyde}, can't wait to hear more about this adventure, I've thought of having someone raise a piggy for us, a little steer would be nice too.