Monday, March 28, 2011

Historic Centralia

While all my boys and their friends were off shooting one another with tiny plastic BB’s, my friend Kate and I went to Centralia to check out antique stores.

Historic downtown Centralia is bursting with antique stores! Some are 2 or more stories high and are jammed packed with more fun and unique treasures than you can imagine! One afternoon was not nearly enough… We are going to have to make another trip sometime soon to see all the things we missed. Actually, we may have to make it a weekend. The great thing about antiquing is that there is new stuff every time!

I had specific things in mind that I needed and exercised great self-control. It didn’t hurt that the stores all closed before I could go back and buy any of the things I really loved… :o)  Not only did I spend under $10 but all the things I purchased were on sale!!!

plate 01 It is a really good thing they only had 3 pieces of this absolutely adorable and charming set from Brock of California (the same makers of my new dishes)… This Forever Yours pattern is so sweet!

It’s probably good that Brock didn’t stay in business long (although I can’t imagine why they didn’t), or else I would have WAY too many dishes!

I also picked up two sweet little birthday cards that I just fell in love with!

bday outsidebday insidemom outsidemom insideI love that this one is to/from Deanna (my mom’s name)!

I can’t wait to go back! I’m adding to my list of “needs” already…   

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