Monday, May 30, 2011

Puppy Love

I’m a sucker for a baby! So when the puppy showed up at the church picnic yesterday, I fell in love! And I wasn’t the only one who did…

I admit that I have been thinking about a puppy lately. The boys are getting older and Betsy is getting older. I figure the best time to get a new puppy is while both Betsy and the boys are still around to help show it the ropes.

We decided our only male pet needed a good strong name: Maximus, after the greatest gladiator of all times! :o)

Contrary to our expectations, Betsy did pretty well with the new little brute! Tabitha on the other hand, did not!

puppy 01Come on Tabbi! How could you not love that face???

puppy 02 

Meeting Betsy

puppy 03

He’s not sure about the steps…

Fortunately for Maximus, the boys fell in love with him right away! And the feeling is mutual. He already follows them all over the house…

puppy 08 puppy 05 puppy 06 puppy 07

Playing outside with the boys!

puppy 09

puppy 10Puppies play hard and sleep hard!

We pulled up some pics of Betsy the day we brought her home 7 years ago… Look familiar???

04.15.04 - Betsy Up Close

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Christine said...

Ahhh so precious! I love labs. Our lab mix is 10 and going strong.