Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Casserole Cozy Giveaway

I am doing another giveaway for Memorial Day and 500 likes…

With the picnic season right around the corner , I figured it was the perfect time of year for casserole cozies! They are so handy for taking a pan of brownies to a softball game or a jello salad to the family reunion. I’ve used mine for oval casseroles, pies and even salad bowls. Extra padding on the bottom makes it safe for dishes right out of the oven. Velcro tabs and carrying handles makes it easy to take with you without the worry of it slipping out.

cozy giveaway 02

cozy giveaway 01

cozy giveaway 03  Here are the cozies to choose from…

cozy contest 03

#1 (on left) #2 (on right)

cozy contest 04

#3 (on left) #4 (on right)

cozy contest 02


cozy contest 05

#6 (on left) #7 (on right)

cozy contest 06


cozy contest 07


I hope you saw one you like!

As soon as my Facebook page reaches 500 likes, I’ll do the giveaway. So be sure to tell your friends and watch my FB page for the announcement…

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