Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Our kitty disappeared about 7 weeks ago. My friend’s cat had kittens just two days later. Sunday we brought home a new kitten.

Our friends named him Tank. The boys like the name, but I really prefer people names for my pets. I think it stems from my baby need. I give them all the names I love. I really want to call him Phineas (or Finn for short) but the boys are stuck on Tank. They think it’s a “cooler” name than Finn. Maybe I’ll just call him Finn anyway… ;o)

He is a pretty cute and playful kitty. In fact, he’s a VERY playful kitty! He plays hard and sleeps hard. He loves climbing, chasing toys and pouncing! I love his pretty pale apricot color!

tank 04 tank 05doing homework with Zack

tank 06 

the chair at my desk is his very favorite place to nap

Introducing him to Max has been interesting. Tank is unafraid of Max and Max has NO ability to play nice!

Tank prefers to play with Max through the gate across the door…

tank 01tank 02tank 03Hey! They’re watching us…

tank 07   

All that wrestling wears Tank (Finn) out!

I’m such a sucker for a baby!

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