Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sausage Basics

It’s our family tradition to get together with our dear friends every year on New Year’s Day. This year school starts on the 2nd, so we got together to celebrate a bit early. This year’s theme was sausage!

We picked up 80 pounds of pork butt and made our own 7 varieties of homemade sausages! Wow!

Here are some basic steps to remember in making sausage:

*Keep everything VERY cold! The meat, the grinder, everything! If you are doing large quantities, wrap ice packs on the grinder between batches of meat. Be sure to put the meat immediately on ice or in the fridge after grinding.

sausage basics - The Backyard Farmwife

It is amazing how much fat is in a slab of pork butt yet how lean the sausage is! It also makes you wonder just how much fat they put in grocery store sausage??? Ugh!

*Find a recipe and prepare your seasonings. If it calls for larger spices, it’s nice to put them in a grinder or use a mortar & pestle. It brings out the flavor of the spices.

sausage basics - The Backyard Farmwife Spicy Italian seasonings

*Mix the seasonings in with the meat and place immediately back on ice or in fridge!

sausage basics - The Backyard Farmwife this mixer could mix up to 20 pounds but your KitchenAid mixer works well for smaller batches

*Cook up a bit to see if you like the finished product and tweak the recipe as you need. Add more spice or more meat to make it milder or more spicy.

*Now if you’re going to stuff your sausages, you will need casings and the stuffer attachment on your grinder.

Learn how to prep your casings here at The Sausage Maker.

Make an agreement on the sausage stuffing jokes. Either you can make all you want or make none at all. I just couldn’t not make one tiny little joke. ;o)

*Be sure to leave space at either end of your casings for room to twist your sausages. Twist them in reverse directions to they don’t unwind themselves.

 sausage basics - The Backyard Farmwife

making link sausages (no jokes please!) LOL

*It’s also way more fun and way less work to do with good friends!

NO! We didn’t eat all 80 pounds for dinner! Our fridge is full of over 40 pounds of sausage and smells like a German deli… ;o)

sausage basics - The Backyard FarmwifeIt was a very fun evening! Now we just have to decide what kinds to make next time???

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