Friday, May 9, 2008

Cleanin' Green

This week I got rid of many of our toxic household cleansers and got "recipes" for safer and more natural cleaning products from some books from the library (see the books list on right) and the internet.

I spent a little while playing mad scientist in the laundry room mixing up all our new cleaning cocktails and then we were ready to go.

We also quit using paper towels and decided to put all our old holey socks, undershirts and underwear to good use. Underwear is especially good because the elastic waistbands make a good scouring pad if you need one. :o)

It worked great! Everything is spic and span now and doesn't make anyone feel lightheaded when they're working.

My favorite trick was to sprinkle a bit of Borax in the toilets before going to bed and giving them a quick swish with the brush in the morning. It was so easy and the toilet bowls sparkled!

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