Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Clean Green Livin'

Now we can live green and clean. Not only have we made all new cleansers for the house, but today I made soaps. Lots of soaps! We'll have to see how long they last. At $.50 a bar, it's a good deal, but only if one isn't used up in 3 days.

I had so much fun thinking of all kinds of different concoctions to make getting clean so much more fun! Even Will got in on it and made a few.

some of the supplies

prepping the molds

Here are the soaps we made today...

Will's soaps

peppermint, lemon camomile, orange mocha

lavender, cornmeal garden soap with lemon & thyme, milk & honey

honey wheat, sugar & spice, oatmeal cookie

flax seed, almond, green tea w/ lemon

English tea, coffee w/ cream, lemon poppyseed

orange creamscicle, orange spice

They all sounded so good, the boys asked if they could eat them, too. :o) I suppose you could, but it may cause "soap blindness". LOL


The Junts said...

You amaze me!!!
Your soaps are beautiful enough to sell!!
And,I have to agree with the boys, they look good enough to eat too, especially the orange creamsicle!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the soap recipes from? did you buy them or make them from scratch? did you normally buy bar soap?

i tried the powder laundry soap and it seems to work pretty well. i have mainly been using it on the diapers, but a couple of our loads and haven't noticed a difference really. they come out clean! i'll let you know the more i use it.

God bless,
emily d.

Theresa said...

FYI, I'm expecting some of these for Christmas next year. :)
I LOVE the homemade coffee soaps. If you can't drink it in the morning, at least you can wake up to the smell and wash with it.