Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not Exactly Painting Weather

Chris took off this week to paint the house. It has needed it since we moved in, but we finally decided it was time. We just had to replace the old color. I really couldn't tell you what the old color is because it's really not even a color. The best way to describe it would be it is the color of that crayon you always wanted to use in kindergarten when you were drawing a picture of yourself and you wanted that "skin color". Think of that color only more boring and drab.

The forecast for the week of our big painting project... RAIN. And for once, they were right. Yesterday, Chris pressure washed the house in the rain while my mom and I canned, cooked and froze all day. (see entry below) We were thankful for the cooler weather though. Today, the rain held out long enough for us to paint one side of the house. We didn't get any trim done, but the main color is done. And we like it so far!
Our house was built in 1972 (a terrific year!) and so I wanted to keep the new color in line with the style of the house. Among the contestants were olive drab, goldenrod, or rust orange. But we also decided to go with Metro Paint (see the Leingangs' Recommend or go to the link on our sidebar) and therefore we were more limited in our color selection. So the winner was....

stirring the paint

the first swipe of paint

it's dark brown (sorry, espresso)

The trim will be khaki and the garage doors and front door will be white to match the windows. To see the progress, check back soon. More pictures will be coming weather permitting.