Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not In Our Garden My "Deer"

Our last attempt at growing something in our yard ended in the deer having strawberries for dessert until they were eaten down to little green stumps in the grass. I do not want to have our garden end up a deer buffet, so I did a bit of research on how to keep Bambi out of our vegetables...

1. Deer do not like things that make noise. Anything that makes a rustling noise or music will scare skittish deer away. Our deer don't seem to be bothered by noise, even if it is our dog barking.

2. Deer do not like showers. Putting the sprinkler on a motion detector will make sure your deer get a good spray in the face for visiting the garden. Take that you dirty little thieves! (This one sounds like a fun one!)

3. Deer do not like the smell of clean. This obviously relates to number 2. Apparently anything that smells fresh and clean like Dial soap, Irish Spring or Bounce dryer sheets will make them run back to the skunk cabbage patch behind the fence.

4. Deep do not like shiny things that move. This is the one we are putting our money on right now. But desperate times may call for desperate measures...

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