Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yeah, But Will It Keep My Veggies Up All Night?

We cold brew our coffee in a Coffee Toddy. This means we have a whole pound of wet used coffee grounds that we just dump in the trash. I have often wondered if there was anything useful to do with all that brown goo. While reading a gardening book from the library, I found several...

1. Fertilize your garden, houseplants and lawn with used coffee grounds.

2. Cats don't like coffee, after all it messes up their nap schedule. Put coffee grounds anywhere you don't want cats to dig.

3. Use it with a little water to exchange the garlic smell on your hands for a coffee smell. People will probably think you got a job at Starbucks.

4. It helps speed up the decomposition process in your compost.

5. Kill fire ants by letting them eat coffee grounds and watching them seem to implode. Caffeine wimps!

6. Apparently they are a worm aphrodisiac. Put them in your worm bed for breeding worms.

7. Moles don't like coffee either! They have that in common with cats.

So if you like coffee, don't throw away those grounds! Give them a second chance.

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