Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seed Tape

Some garden seeds are so small and virtually impossible to see where you are sowing the little suckers. Seed tape is a great alternative, but costs anywhere from $5 to $15!

For those of us who are more frugal, my friend Megan came up with a great substitute that works just as well.

First take 4 paper towels (don't take them apart) and fold them up.

Then cut them into about 1 inch wide strips.

Place small drops of glue on the strips spaced however far apart your seeds are supposed to be.

Carefully place one seed in each glue drop.

Let dry.

Gently peel seed tape off table.

Plant strips as you would the seeds. The paper towel and glue will dissolve as you water your seeds.

Easy, perfectly spaced and straight rows every time!
Great idea Meagan!!!

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Theresa said...

This is brilliant! I can see it working great for carrots and things.