Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Enjoying Our Firstfruits

Today we got to eat from our garden! Megan, my gardening guru, came over today to bring me some tomato cages before our Sungold fell over. As usual, she had great advice and is always encouraging. Thanks Megan!

After she left, Will and I put out some more pathway through the garden. What we originally laid out just wasn't enough to get everywhere we needed to go without getting very dirty or accidentally stepping on some poor baby plant. This time our "junk pile" under the deck stairs came in handy. We used all the misc. broken up pieces of pavers, various stepping stones and edgers that were under there. So we now have a cleaner looking deck and cleaner shoes, too! Hey, that means I may have cleaner floors, too! Yay!

Megan also said we could now start eating our lettuce. So Will and I went out and picked enough for a salad to go with our pasta dinner. Now this lettuce is not that whimpy, limpy stuff you buy at the grocery store. This stuff has some real oompf to it!

Will is convinced that I was bamboozled when I purchased my tray pack of lettuce starts. He is sure that one of them is just a dandelion that they slipped in to cheat me of my $1.50. I'll admit is does look remarkably like those pesky little weeds but so far not one little yellow flower has popped up, so I think we're safe. He is still a little leary, but he happily ate the salad at supper.
it looks like a weed
but I'll still eat it!

I can't wait until we can have a lettuce salad with all the fixins!

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