Friday, June 5, 2009

Poop Tea

Some of our plants were beginning to look a little yellow and I knew it was time for fertilizer. Megan gave me a "recipe" for steer manure tea to use for watering plants. It's totally cheap, easy to make and organic. But a word of warning: It STINKS! But it's a good stink!

Step 1: fill 5 gallon bucket with water, but not all the way!

Step 2: Fill old pillowcase with some steer manure
(an older thin pillowcase works best)

Step 3: Tie pillowcase shut

Step 4: place "teabag" in water

Step 5: Let steep in a sunny spot for a couple of days
(I think it looks more like coffee than tea)

Step 6: Use to water plants
Use the steer manure in your tea bag to put on your compost pile. Your compost will love it! Just don't drink it! LOL


Theresa said...

As gross as this is, I keep on thinking I want to try it. :)

Anonymous said...

My Father made steer manure tea and gave it to the roses, but I don't know how much steer manure and how much water to use.I filled a 5 gallon pale about one third full of steer manure and the rest water with enough room at the top to stir it all up with a broom handle. Don't want to burn plants.