Friday, June 5, 2009

Shells Or Slugs

I have been saving up my egg shells to use around my plants to keep off the slugs. I was told by two very reliable sources that slugs will not climb over egg shells. (Thanks Theresa and Leanne!)The whole "not wanting to cut themselves up" thing supposedly works. I can totally understand that. And I'm thinking our slugs are pretty smart, or they're teetotalers. The beer thing never worked!

I have to say that I kind of like the idea of them cutting themselves to shreads while trying to get to our precious little plants. Is that evil? :o)

Step 1: clean and save your egg shells

Step 2: place shells in a bag

Step 3: crush them using a heavy object (it's a good tension reliever)

Step 4: sprinkle them around your plants to form a protective barrier

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