Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buying In Bulk

With all the canning, freezing and baking I hope to do this fall I realized that we would need a LOT more flour and sugar. So I headed over to the Cash and Carry (restaurant supply) and priced the stuff there. After about an hour, I came out with 25 pounds of sugar, 75 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of grated cheese, 10 pounds of meatballs, 8 pounds of sausage, 6 pounds of butter and other misc. items.

I think the boys were a bit surprised when they went to unload the van when I got home.

Now the only problem was how to store all this stuff. So I went out and bought a storage bin and found some stuff around the house I already had. I wonder how long it will all last???

bulk food 01

bulk food 04the cheese got bagged and put in the freezer

bulk food 02  our flour bin (it was fun to mix the white and wheat flours together with my hands in the giant bin)

bulk food 03

this ice cream bucket worked perfectly for the sugar (now I just have to go to the Tillamook cheese factory and get some more. And eat some ice cream while we’re there!)

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Funny Ernie said...

I need some of those. How much do they sell them for? We are going to seaside this weekend. If we can get down there shall I get some for you?