Thursday, September 10, 2009

Garden - Round 2

Who would have known you could grow stuff in your garden this late in the year? But ya can! And we are! Or at least we’re going to try again.

This morning I went out and picked the last of the cucumbers and zuchinni, some beans, peppers and more ripe tomatoes and then after school the boys and I went to work cleaning and clearing out some space for the fall crops.

garden round 2 01

garden round 2 07 

First we took out all the stepping stones that we getting buried under compost, weeds, grass and very large garden plants.

Next we removed all the old plants to clear up more space.

Then we turned all the dirt and broke it up with the Garden Weasel.

garden round 2 08

Then we added some poop (steer manure) and planted carrots, radishes, broccoli, onions, spinach, lettuce and cabbage.

garden round 2 10 

lettuce, spinach and cabbage

garden round 2 11

last round’s tomatoes

garden round 2 12


garden round 2 13

carrot and radish patch

garden round 2 14

Because I have been finding slugs in the garden again I also put out the broken egg shells I have been saving all summer. I really hope they work because they look sort of ridiculous…

garden round 2 15

I don’t know what I’m thinking when we’re still not done with Round 1??? :o)

garden round 2 16

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