Friday, January 15, 2010

Old Stuff – New Stuff

The best new stuff is just old stuff you already had…

We have wanted new bedsides tables for our master bedroom for the longest time. We have also had a set of school desks that were my grandpa’s for the longest time. They were cute to look at but really served no purpose other than to admire and take up space.

So while contemplating getting rid of said desks (or pawning them off on another family member), Chris jokingly mentioned cutting them apart so that they would take up less space. I was inspired! A couple of days later I had Andy take them to the garage and Chris performed separation surgery on the pair. They are now our two new beside tables… Not only are they beautiful antiques, but they have meaning and memories attached to them. And they were FREE! (Now I just have to work on a decorating/painting plan for the room.)

end tables 01 end tables 02end tables 03 While cleaning the boys’ bathroom I noticed that their pathetic white shower curtain was looking pretty ragged and it was time for a replacement. So I ran up to the store to pick up a new liner. After hanging it, I realized that it was time for a new shower curtain. They have only had a liner hanging there for almost 2 years in hopes that eventually I would repaint and redecorate the basement bathroom. I resigned myself to the fact that it was so far into the future that something (even if temporary) had to be done.

Not wanting to spend any money and not wanting to just compromise on something I didn’t really like, or was too girly, or too theme-y, I decided to make one. So last night I took out my box of old jeans, cut them into pieces, added a few scraps of fabrics I had lying around, pieced them back together, put some grommets on the top and had a shower curtain.  And I have to say, now that it’s up, I LOVE it! The boys’ bathroom looks so much better!

shower curtain 01shower curtain 02shower curtain 03

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