Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dreaming of Chickens (& Eggs)

I started out thinking about the garden and where to plant the new berry starts I got from some friends this week. But thanks to my ADD, I got side-tracked and started thinking about chickens… Where to put the coop? How big of a coop do we need? How should we build a coop? What kind of chickens do we want? So many questions! So many answers!!!

Needless to say, I had so much fun and spent SO MUCH TIME on the internet looking into it all. And here’s just a bit of what I’ve learned…

Chicken Breeds

Sussex- dual purpose, high production, medium brown eggs, average brooders, cold hardy, curious, mellow, gentle, nice personality

sussex Australorp-  dual purpose, high production, large brown eggs, average brooders, cold hardy, early maturing, sweet, shy, calm, docile

australorpPlymouth Rock- dual purpose, high production, large light brown egg, seldom broody, cold hardy, early maturing, dependable layers, smart, plucky, docile

plymouth rockEaster Eggers- egg layers, medium producers, medium blue/green eggs, seldom broody, cold hardy, fun, non-aggressive, recommended by my friend Megan

easter eggersRhode Island Reds- dual purpose, high producers, large brown eggs, seldom broody, very hardy, generally easygoing, can be aggressive, raised these growing up

rhode island redDelawares- dual purpose, high producers, very large brown eggs (may be speckled), can be broody, cold hardy, quiet, friendly

delawareWelsummers- dual purpose, medium producers, medium dark brown eggs, seldom broody, cold hardy, intelligent, friendly, was the model for the Kelloggs Corn Flakes roosterwelsummerHousing Options

There are lots of housing options out there. We just have to pick one that suits us best. I am hoping to have about a dozen hens. A coop that is about 6 feet wide, 4 feet deep, and 5 feet high is recommended. I found some that I like and some have features that I like, too. But I’ll probably go with what it easiest and cheapest… :o)

chicken houseI love the look of this one! Cute!


coop 2I like that this one is raised, has the door that doubles as a ramp and opens for easy access to eggs and cleaning.

I also like this idea for making both feeders and waterers???

feeder  There are so many good websites and books as well! But I am mostly thankful for family and friends who are raising chickens and can help me when in need! :o)

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Megan said...

So much fun! We are going to add easter egg chickens to what is left of our flock. I will share a few when we get them, if you want. Love them! Megan