Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chicken Play Group

In order to properly socialize our chicks ( I don’t want them to scatter every time we walk into the pen or peck us when we’re collecting eggs), we have play time. So we spread out some newspaper on the floor and let them just explore and peck at our toes and hems or just crawl on our legs (they can already jump over our legs) or fall asleep in our hand.

first play group 01 first play group 02 first play group 03the chicks really flock to Zack LOL 

I never would have believed it, but chickens really have personalities! And they are already coming out. We have our bully, our bold & curious explorer, our snugglers, our shy and timid girls, our noisy ones, and our fearful and skittish sisters. It will be interesting to see if that changes much the next few weeks.

first play group 04 Andy & Pumpernickel

first play group 05

Gretel & Josephine take a nap

first play group 06

Will & Penelope

We can’t wait until we can take them out this spring and play in the yard! Maybe we can teach them to play fetch??? LOL


Shannon Milsten said...

I know of several women who wanted more kids, and their friends' response was to "get a dog". Perhaps they could add "get some chickens" to their repertoire (sp?) of responses...

Leingang Family said...

Honestly Shannon, I think chickens are way better so far (granted, I'm only 2 days into it...) But after 2 days, the dog was WAY too much work. On the other hand, I love the protection side of a dog. But, with chickens you get eggs!