Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding Their Wings

The girls are now one week old. They are really getting their wings and figuring out how to use them. We knew we had to get a taller box when we looked in the laundry room and saw a little head make a quick appearance at the top of the box!

So today after the daily cleaning, we taped up the sides of the box.  No more worry of escapees for a while!

taller box 02

The boys and I see them so much we really didn’t notice that they were also getting so big! Chris saw them yesterday for the first time in a day or two, and commented on how much they had grown.  He’s right! They have gotten bigger!!!

chicks names 03 1 day old (Esmerelda)

1 week old 01

1 week old (Anatasia)

Being a week old brings other changes, too… Like cooler temps (now they only have to be at 85-90 degrees) and grit!

new chicks 10 last Wednesday

taller box 01


new chicks 01

on the way home

9 days old 01

same box for cleaning time

Next week… worms from the garden! Yummy! And maybe a bigger box???

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