Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A House Full of Chicks

Today I took the boys down to Portland to pick up some chicks at Burn’s Feed Store in  Gresham from Fran. They got their chick shipment this morning and you could hear the cheeping as soon as you walked in the door! The back room was full of boxes of every kind of chicken you could imagine. Well, maybe not every kind but they did have about 15 different breeds.

After telling Fran what we were interested in, she told us about some of the each of the different breeds that would be good for us and a little about what she loved about each one. She was a great salesperson! We bought 2 of each kind she suggested… (Barred Rocks, Gold Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, Ameraucanas, & Golden Laced Wyandottes) She scratched a few notes about which ones were which on our take-home sheet, but we’ve already forgotten which breed was which. :o) Thankfully, she did make sure they didn’t all look exactly alike.

Just as we were leaving, Fran gave us some new parents’ instructions and told us to be sure to hold them often, talk to them and call them by their names. I think we can handle that… :o)

Before heading home, we stopped at the Paulsons’ house for lunch. Sue very kindly set up a space heater in the spare bedroom to keep our babies warm. Then we had a very yummy lunch of chicken quesadillas!  (it kinda seemed strange to eat chicken… LOL)

Because we are such doting parents, we cranked the heat up full blast so they would be nice and warm on the trip home. It was like riding home in a sauna!!! Especially on a sunny and 60 degree day! But nothing is too good for our girls! Every time we hit a bump in the road, the whole box would start chirping again.

new chicks 01

We got home, set up their new little “coop” in the laundry room and filled up the feeder and waterer. As soon as it hit the ground, one brave little chick walked right up and started eating. Before long they were all eating and drinking. Aren’t they ever gonna get tired? Hopefully that means they’ll be quiet and sleep good tonight!

new chicks 02new chicks 03 Will and his favorite chick

new chicks 04

getting the new “house” ready

new chicks 05

new chicks 06

new chicks 07

moving in

new chicks 08  checkin’ out the  new thing in the box

new chicks 10

new chicks 11

new chicks 12

Supper Time!!!

For the first time ever, the girls outnumber the boys in the Leingang house!

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