Friday, February 5, 2010

New Flower Bed

We’ve always wanted a bed at the top of the rock wall in the back yard, but have never actually done it. Today was such a beautiful day and the ground is nice and wet (therefore, easy to dig up), that I decided to tackle it!

I got pretty muddy, worked up quite an appetite and got sweatier than I ever did playing Wii Fit! I bordered it with concrete blocks in hopes that it will be easier to mow. I think I dug up enough sod for the Ingalls family to build a new soddy. :o)

rock bed 01 rock bed 02the pics aren’t great because it was starting to get dark by the time I finished 

Unfortunately, the soil is FULLof clay and I will have to do some more work to build up the soil for planting. Now to decide what to plant there???

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