Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clothespin Bag

My mom and I saw the cutest clothespin bag while at Cannon Beach last week. I liked it so much that I decided to see if I could recreate it myself…

It worked great! It’s the perfect size and I love the fabric and now I have TONS of ideas for other ones!!!

clothespin bag 01

 I love the little flowers I got at the Wal-Mart after Christmas sale for 50 cents a package!!! (I’m glad I remembered I had them!)clothespin bag 02I hung it up and took pics before I sewed the side seams and the smallest hanger I had was still too big 

The only problem is that it is too small for any of the hangers I have. I really like the size it is and I really wouldn’t want it big enough to accommodate a bigger hanger. Maybe I need to see if I can find someone who had baby-sized hangers???

Now I just have to decide which one to make next…

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