Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rubbing Out Stains

Like usual, I started out the morning by hanging a load of laundry to dry. Unlike usual, Zack’s new khakis had huge dark blue ink stains all over them!!! Why the ink couldn’t have gotten on one of my two painting shirts that were also in that load or one of the boys’ t-shirts, I don’t know??? No, it had to be Zack’s I’ve-only-worn-them-once khakis!!!

But I kept my cool, went to the trusty internet, googled “how to remove ink stains”, and found a few suggestions: hair spray, rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover.

First I tried hair spray. No luck. Then I went to the rubbing alcohol. When the cotton ball started to turn bright blue, I knew we were in business! About 15 blue,alcohol-soaked cotton balls later I had removed what looked like most of the blue ink.

Ink stain 03

So I threw them into the washer with warm water, heavy wash cycle, and a scoop of my homemade laundry detergent and hoped for the best…

It worked!!! No more blue ink!!! ( I wish I had taken before/after pics)

Ink stain 01

Unfortunately, when I took Chris’ good jeans out of the dryer I found the khakis weren’t the only victims after all… :o(

Ink stain 02that’s what Zack’s pants looked like only a WHOLE LOT MORE

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