Sunday, April 25, 2010

Farewell Otis

Last Monday I was awoken by a strange sound out in the back yard. Being dawn and having been very sound asleep, I just figured it was some strange bird and dismissed it at that.

When I woke up on Friday morning and Chris told me that our rooster’s “crowing” had disturbed his sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Then I began to wonder about that odd noise I had heard a few days before…

On Saturday morning, Chris yet again had been awaken by an attempted crowing I decided that we were going to have to take action…

According to the city ordinance regarding backyard poultry, roosters are strictly prohibited. Why? Because of the noise… Now whether or not our rooster is actually “crowing” yet or not makes little difference to the angry, sleep deprived neighbor. Otis gets up at the crack of dawn and tries his darndest to welcome the dawn with his majestic voice!

This meant that it was time that Otis found a new home… I was really hopeful that he would stay quiet enough that he could stay until he was old enough for chicken n dumplings (becoming them, not eating them). But that didn’t happen.

So our dear friends the Karlowskys agreed to take Otis home with them and let him grow up with their Cornish x’s (70 to be exact) and then we’ll come and join the fun and butcher him along with the rest. Thank you guys, you’re the greatest!!!

bye otis 01 thankfully they’re tame enough that he wasn’t hard to catch

bye otis 02

Zack & Otis

bye otis 03

Otis in his fancy travel box

Until then he’ll get spoiled living in their luxurious new chicken coop and probably being spoiled to death by Falynne! You’re one lucky bird, Otis! We’ll miss ya around here… (sort of) :o)

Karlowsky's coopthe Karlowsky’s beautiful new coop (it’s almost finished)


Theresa said...

You mean he'll be spoiled to death?

inadvertent farmer said...

Parting is such sweet sorrow! Luckily living out in the boonies the only one our rooster bothers is me!

Great post, Kim