Monday, May 3, 2010

Peddling My Wares

The owner of a really terrific produce store here in town stopped by the Seed & Start Swap last month and said I could bring my stuff to her store to try selling there. I was so excited! So I gathered it up and took it on down to Payton’s Produce.

Today I went back to pick up some apples, tomatoes and some other fresh veggies I needed and to see how my stuff was doing. I also brought a few more things I had made or found in my stash.

I was so surprised to learn that I had actually sold a few things! I was even more shocked when a woman in the store came up to me and said, “You’re the Backyard Farmwife! Your things are so cute!” It kinda threw me off until I remembered that I was carrying 4 things with big “Backyard Farmwife” tags on them. LOL

So, if you’re local, you should go check out Payton’s Produce and while you’re there you can take a peek at my stuff, too… :o)

Paytons produce 01 Paytons produce 02Paytons produce 03Paytons produce 04

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