Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Boys Allowed

Because of the city ordinance not allowing roosters, four of our twelve chickens have had to go and live with our friends, the Karlowskys, out in the country. Once they started crowing, they had to go!

First Otis left…

bye otis 01bye otis 02  Otis and Zack didn’t get along too well. I’m not sure Zack was sorry to see him go. :o)

bye otis 03

A few short days later, yet another one started crowing. Since we thought Otis was our only rooster we were a bit surprised. So one morning, I went out in my pajamas and caught Pumpernickel in the act.

Needless to say, Pumpernickel was the next to go… Pumpernickel unfortunately, flew the coop the first night and was killed by a coyote. :o(

Next came Joseph (formerly Josephine) our Barred Rock. He was my favorite chicken. Unfortunately he also flew out of the coop and was chased into the woods by Katie, their dog, never to be seen again…

Joseph 01Joseph 02Joseph 03 that’s Milo, our last rooster and Otis’ brother, trying to steal the shot from Joe

Yes, Milo was our last rooster. He was also our best crower and worst flyer. But none the less, he got his wings clipped promptly upon arrival at the Karlowskys…

Milo 01 You can run Milo…

Milo 02

but you won’t escape!

Milo 03

Otis and Milo’s place at the Karlowskys’

Now the chicken coop can be officially dubbed the Hen House! It’s all yours girls…

hen house 19

Milo 05

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Kate said...

I love this one Carrie!!! The boys are happy and waiting for the day you come help put them in the pot. LOL