Tuesday, May 11, 2010

State Plates

One of the great things I got from my grandma, was her collection of souvenir plates from different states. I really loved that each one was a unique look at each state, but wasn’t sure what exactly I would do with them. Not that it stopped me from taking them… LOL

But my mom suggested that I put them up as a “border” in my kitchen. Being that my kitchen is already kinda kitchy and retro/vintage, I figured they’d be perfect…

state plates 01  Here’s the before picture…

state plates 02

I also had to move my pink pig first…

state plates 03

to make room for the Victoria, BC plate

state plates 04

state plates 05

state plates 06

state plates 07state plates 08

It’s definitely a new look and feels busier when you walk in. I think I’m gonna have to get used to it…

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