Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She Flew The Coop

This morning we had our first escapee. Esmerelda decided she had had enough of no more morning treats and was off to find some on her own. Thankfully both Zack and I happened to see her before she got too far and he chased her back in.

In order to prevent future break-outs, everyone got their wings clipped after breakfast. I forgot a bowl of flour to stick their wing in in case I cut the quick, but I really didn’t clip them that much. Thanks for the tip Megan! They can still get up on the nest boxes, but I hope they can’t get over the fence anymore…

clipping wings 01

clipping wings 02clipping wings 03clipping wings 04clipping wings 06clipping wings 05

I love doing stuff like this! It makes me feel more like a real farmer. (I am sure all you real farmers out there are laughing at me. I haven’t delivered a calf or shoed a horse or harvested a field until well after dark…But I’m just taking it one baby step at a time.)

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