Monday, May 24, 2010

Hope Grows

When we planted our garden about a week ago, the weather was gorgeous! Sunny and in the 70s. The next day the temps plummeted and it RAINED all week! Not just a little rain either. LOTS and LOTS of rain!!! Some days barely got above 50.

Some things didn’t mind the nasty weather at all. My lettuce and things on the deck seemed to do just fine. A few things even seemed to flourish…

growth 01 The inpatients are blooming and full of color

growth 11

The golden lemon balm actually grew

growth 10

I was told it was probably too late to start spinach, but I think it’s gonna like this awful spring weather just fine

growth 09

The raspberries just keep growing

growth 08

There are a few tiny green strawberries that I hope will turn red someday

growth 06

growth 07

There are even some tomatoes starting to show

I watched my garden out the windows with growing apprehension. How was anything supposed to grow in this weather? Should I have been more patient and waited a few more weeks? Can seeds swim???

I began calculating what I needed to replace and watching the weekly ads for seed sales…

But today the rain broke and as I was letting the chickens out for the day, I noticed 3 little rows of green in the carrot/radish patch. Now unfortunately there is plenty of little green things in the garden, but weeds don’t grow in perfectly straight lines. On the other hand, radishes grown with seed tape do.

I went out to see if anything else had survived the deluge… And much to my great delight I found a few little green sprouts! (You have to look pretty hard to see these little rascals…)

growth 02 Radish rows

growth 03

Beans are sprouting

growth 04

growth 05

Peas are peeking out

Now we’ll wait a couple more weeks and see what survived the deluge…

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