Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Canning Class Day One

Today was the first of a 5 session class offered here in town by the local WSU extension office. Tonight’s class was on canning fruits and water bath canning.

Here are some interesting things I learned…

1. You can use smaller jar sizes than the recipe recommends but not larger.

2. Only use 5% acidity, or higher, vinegar.

3. If a recipe call for a longer than 10 minute processing time, you do not need to sterilize your jars.

4. Do not let your lids boil.

5. Do not use metal utensils to remove air bubbles (knew this one, but thought it was good to share).

6. New canning lids are only good for 7 years. After that you need to buy new ones, so don’t stock up too much. (Of course, you should never reuse canning lids)

7. You can use a folded towel in the bottom of the canner in place of a rack.

8. Smooth bottom canners are for electric coil stoves. Ridged bottomed canners are for gas stoves.

9. You can buy special canning elements for your electric stoves.

10. Canning outdoors is done at your own risk! (I’ll take the chance)

11. Mix 1 Tbsp lemon juice in 1 cup water to prevent fruit from browning.

12. The hot pack method will fit more food in a jar than raw pack.

13. If you use honey, you only need half of the amount. If the recipe calls for 2 cups sugar, use 1 cup honey. (Never give to children under 1)

14, Let jars sit in canner for 5 minutes after removing lid. Put hot jars on towel on counter.

15. Let sit undisturbed for 24 hours before testing for seal.

16. Do not store jars with rings on them.


Jina said...

Thanks for the notes, Carrie! I'm trying to squeeze into the next few weeks' classes. I am a visual learner, so these will be a time/life saver!

Leingang Family said...

This is a list from my friend Renae: Thanks for sharing them with us!
1. I always sterilize my jars.
2. I use honey alot.
3. I raw pack because I think it leaves more nutrients in the fruit/vegy.... See More
4. I have never used lemon juice and I dont' have brown fruit.
5. I can outdoors with a two burner gas cooker.
6. I know alot of people that use their dishwasher on hot dry to hold their jars and lids at temperature before canning. It keeps them out of your way and hot.
7. Some jams/jellies you can fill jars and turn them upside down on a towel for 10 minutes and then turn them over and they will seal. This only works for certain recipes though.