Saturday, June 19, 2010

Butchering Day

WARNING: This post contains GRAPHIC photos of butchering chickens! I was pretty excited and took pics of EVERYTHING! But, on a sunnier note, I got some of the BEST pictures I have gotten of the boys all year! :o)

Early this morning we got up early, skipped our showers (chickens on “death row” don’t really care how you smell), and headed out to my brother and sister-in-law’s place.

After watching the Custer Family Farm chicken butchering video on YouTube, we all went out back to get started.

First thing is to get the chickens out of the coop and tape their feet together. Then you take the chickens to the chopping block… and WHACK! Off with their heads!

butchering 01butchering 02butchering 04butchering 06butchering 05After they have been relieved of their heads, they must be very quickly hung out on the line so they can bleed out… And stop flapping around!

butchering 03butchering 09

butchering 22 Andy is comparing the largest and smallest bird

Chickens get ya pretty messy with all that blood and all…

butchering 07butchering 08Dad decided he’d better hose himself off

When they stopped flapping, you move them to the kettle for a dip in the “hot tub” before plucking…

butchering 11 butchering 12butchering 13Now they’re ready to get naked. Plucking was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be…

butchering 14butchering 15butchering 16 It turned out Andy was a pro at cutting off the wings and legs!

butchering 17After the feathers are all removed, it’s off to the gutting table…

butchering 18butchering 19butchering 20butchering 21 When they were all done we had 14 fryers all ready for the pot!

Watch out turkeys!!! You’re next…

butchering 10


Darren (Green Change) said...

It looks like you have a pretty good production line (and enough people to man it!) so this doesn't take all day. Nice job!

Out of interest, how old were your chickens? And what breed are they?

Now I'm off to look around the rest of your site!

Leingang Family said...

Darren- Hope you get this reply. They were my brother and sister-in-law's chickens. They were 8 week old cornish cross. These guys were bred to eat! It took us just about 2 hours for all of them. We had everything cleaned up and the birds in the freezer in 3 hours!

Hen Houses said...

Hey, I must say i like your blog of the butchering and wierdly enough i enjoyed looking at the pictures too.
Keep the posts and pictures comming.