Friday, July 16, 2010

On This Farm We Have A…

Have you ever noticed that when you sing “Old MacDonald” there isn’t a verse about a mouse? Why? Because Old MacDonald had a cat!

After our mouse incident earlier this week, I decided it was high time our farm got a cat! I’d been thinking about it and my friend Donna brought a crate full of kittens to VBS, so we brought Tabitha home.

Right now she’s barely bigger than a mouse and definitely way smaller than the rat I’ve seen out by the chicken coop. But we are looking forward to the day when she’s leaving us “treasures” by the back door…

Tabitha 04 Tabitha 05Tabitha 03Tabitha 01Tabitha 02 Tabitha 06Tabitha 07Tabitha 08Tabitha 09

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