Saturday, August 7, 2010

Music, Magic & Motion

I love going to the fair! Something there just inspires the farmer in me!

Despite this year’s theme, I don’t think we experienced any music, magic or motion at the fair but I did get lots of good ideas…

fair 02 fair 01 fair 12 fair 19

But it’s an afternoon of free entertainment (if you don’t buy any food, ride any rides or play any games…) Chris bought a pair of sunglasses and we split a bag of cotton candy, so I guess it was an afternoon of relatively cheap entertainment. :o)

fair 04

fair 05fair 06  yeah, we’re pretty easily entertained

more fair fix 01

fair 08

who said toys had to take batteries or be made by Nintendo to be fun and challenging???

The nice part of living in a pretty small, red-neck community is that you see people you know at the fair. We saw some of our youth group kids and some of our homeschooling friends, too.

But my favorite part is just looking at all the stuff that people make and all the farm animals…

 fair 03 I think this antler chandelier would be perfect for a 5000 sq foot hunting cabin

fair 10

I totally want to make one of these!

fair 11

I loved the colors of these hydrangeas

fair 13

the grange displays are one of my favorite things at the fair (this was my personal favorite even if it only got second place)

fair 14

fair fix 02fair 16 the FFA metal shop guys did some really quality work!

fair 17

this was my favorite quilt! Just what I’d want to crawl under after a hard day’s work on the farm!

fair 18

fair 29

fair 30Farm babies are just so adorable!

fair fix 03  

Robin’s rabbit won a red ribbon (that’s a lot of alliteration!)

fair 20

I love black chickens!

fair 21

I liked the iridescent blue stripe on this duck

fair 22 

Ugliest Chicken At the Fair”

fair 23

I just liked this cute little couple

fair 25

“Freakiest Eyes at the Fair”

fair fix 04

fair 27

Biggest Spurs at the Fair”

fair 28

When the internet crashes, I’ll have to keep in touch with all my friends using carrier pigeons LOL

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