Monday, September 6, 2010

Canning Day

Today was a very productive day in the kitchen! I froze a bit of green beans, zucchini and tomatoes harvested from the garden. Then I did a whole bunch of canning!

First was zucchini relish

relish 01 relish 03relish 04

Then red pepper apricot chutney… Delicious on chicken or pork or with cream cheese on crackers!

chutney 04

canning 01Followed by apricot honey butter… This is just lovely on English muffins, pancakes or waffles!

apricot butter 02

apricot butter 04

canning 02After lunch I tackled the box of peaches. I canned 11 quarts of peaches (sliced and halves) for the first time! I am very thankful for freestone peaches!!! They’re actually pretty simple to do.

pie filling 03pie filling 04   I ran out of syrup before I ran out of peaches. So I did up two quarts of peach pie filling

pie filling 06pie filling 07pie filling 08   After all that, I still had enough peaches for a batch of peach freezer jam…

canning 06I love the sound of pinging jars and the way they all look in the light from the sliding door!

canning 03

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Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

Hi Leingang Family :) What an interesting blog! I found your blog through comments at Two Frog Home for the Tattler canning lids. You peaches look wonderful! Is that Tattler lids you used on some of them? If so I recently did a review (Sep 5) of the Tattler lids on my blog after a month of testing them on various home canned products if you are interested. So far they have performed nicely for me.

I also read on your blog where you only started canning last year. Welcome to the wonderful world of canning! Isn't it a great feeling to see all those home canned goodies lining your pantry shelves?

Take care,