Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tattler Canning Lids

So I finally got up the nerve to try the reusable canning lids my mom bought me. According to the website they can be used over and over for years. They are BPA free and can be used in a boiling water bath or in a pressure canner. They are also quite a bit more expensive than your one-time metal lids, but can be used again and again.

You pretty much prep them and use them just as you would a traditional lid, except that you need to place the rubber ring on the lid before placing it on the jar. Another little difference is that you need to put your metal band on to finger tight and then TURN IT BACK 1/4”. The lids need to be allowed to vent. You then need to TIGHTEN THE METAL BAND FIRMLY IMMEDIATELY UPON REMOVAL FROM CANNER.

Although I forgot to follow all the directions, all my jars sealed! Whew!

I have to admit, I do miss the pinging sound as all my jars seal after coming out of their bath but they are nice lids!

peach lids 002peach lids 001If you are interested in buying some or would like more info you can check out their website here

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