Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage Label Tablecloth

Today my friend Betsy dropped by expectantly with a gift for me. An ecovinyl tablecloth and matching plate. Today was the best of days and it was such a blessing and bright spot in my day! Why am I surprised that God knew that I needed it today???

I am really not sure what exactly ecovinyl is, but it doesn’t smell like it’s leaching out some horrible toxins when you open it. So that’s a good thing right? LOL

But more than that, it is perfect! It fits my kitchen table just like it was made for it! It changes the whole look of the kitchen! I love it! Perfect for the end of summer/beginning of fall.  I just pops with all those vibrant colors! Now I just have to do more canning… It will look fabulous with jars of home canned foods cooling on it!

tablecloth 005 tablecloth 004

Thank you Betsy! I really do love it!

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