Friday, October 29, 2010

Can I Do It?

Yesterday I canned the 35+ pounds of pears that my parents brought me from their orchard. Standing the kitchen for over 5 hours with my hands permanently formed around the paring knife I began to ask if it was really worth it for 17 quarts of pears…

canning 01

Just about that time I got a call from a fellow canner who reminded me that every time you open a jar you forget about how much work it all is. It’s true! When I walk down to the laundry room and look at my beautiful shelves full of colorful canned goods it makes me want to do it again!

canning 02

When I bring down my last 3 jars of pears the shelves will be officially full!

In fact I am already considering buying a box of apples and making another batch of applesauce! Am I crazy???  In January when I am enjoying a bowl of baked potato soup, hot biscuits from the oven and a side of applesauce I won’t think so… :o)

1 comment:

flowerpower said...

OK you need more shelves. lol
it awesome to see all your jars i wish i could be so dedicated.