Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goodbye Garden…

And good riddance!!!

Today was supposed to be the last dry day for a while so I figured it was time to say goodbye.

garden gone 01 It’s organic by neglect. (I heard that once and liked it a lot!)

I am so glad that 2009, and not 2010, was my first year for gardening. If this had been my first time I’m not sure I would ever do it again.

garden gone 02My tomato plants now resemble something that one would find in the Addams Family garden.

garden gone 03 

.The pepper plants FINALLY decided to produce some peppers.

garden gone 05

The pole beans decided to take another go at it.

garden gone 06

And the only thing my corn produced was the little sugar pumpkin.

The goal for next year is to have a little less grass and a few less weeds in the garden. And also to not have enough clay to start my own pottery business.

So we took the sand that was under the pool (we’re selling the pool, by the way…) and move it to behind the garden to be tilled in this Spring. Thanks Andy and Will!

garden gone 09garden gone 08Then we pulled everything up, took down all the fencing, and loaded everything to the compost heap out back.

garden gone 10After it all gets turned over, we’ll cover it with the tarp from under the pool and hope for the best…

garden gone 12the last of the 2010 harvest 

I wonder if the old pool spot gets enough sun for a second garden??? I’ve always thought a round garden would be cute!!!

garden gone 11

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