Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Earning Her Keep

Only two weeks ago I was beginning to question exactly why we had a cat. The decision to have a cat was prompted by the fact that we have rats out by the chicken coop and having a mouse in the house this summer. It was not because of the fact that she was really super cute and we love her so much… But she is really cute and the boys absolutely adore her and spoil her rotten!

Tabitha 09 Our attempts at letting Tabbi be an indoor/outdoor cat have not gone well. She LOVES being inside with us! Why wouldn’t she? She can go where she wants (within reason), sleep on the boys’ laps while they do school, lay by the woodstove to keep warm… After about 10 minutes of being a “farm cat” she is back by the sliding glass door asking to come in. And instead of making her stay out and earn her keep, like the other animals on our farm, the boys let her back in. Oh yeah, she’s got them wrapped around her little finger (I mean, paw)…

first snow 02

Well, last night Tabbi redeemed herself as a contributing member of the Leingang family farm.

Just before supper we glanced over to where she was playing in the living room to notice that she was playing with a MOUSE! A live mouse!!! Ugh! Thankfully I live with 4 guys who not not afraid of mice like I am, who were able to scoop it up and dispose of it.

mouse 01mouse 02Way to go Tabbi girl! I guess you can stay… :o) 

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