Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eggs-tra Special Ornaments

I make a different ornament for family every year. This year I have just loved how pretty our homegrown eggs have been! I have always liked brown eggs and decided this year they would become our ornament for 2010…

First I had to blow out the 20 eggs necessary for this little project. It takes a whole lot longer to make anything when you first have to carefully blow the guts out of each egg before you use it. Not to mention the meticulously cleaning each one before it touched my mouth. :o)  The first morning I nearly passed out only blowing four. But then I learned that a good old fashioned bottle opener works great for breaking the holes in the end and that they come out a whole lot easier if you beat them a bit with my cake tester before blowing.

After they were empty, cleaned and relatively dry, I wrote “2010” on each one with a silver Sharpie. Then I strung bakers twine through them using a piece of wire. Placed a sequin at both ends of the egg. Knotted it at both ends. Carefully added dots of glitter glue for a bit of sparkle. Hung them out to dry (thanks for the cool rack honey!) and was done!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

egg ornaments 03egg ornaments 04egg ornaments 05egg ornaments 07egg ornaments 09egg ornaments 10egg ornaments 02egg ornaments 11egg ornaments 12

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