Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chickens On Ice

Unlike myself, I am quite sure that the girls are very happy to see that all the snow and ice is melting from the past few days. They have not been too happy about it at all.

The first day when I went to let them out, it was snowing. They all ran headlong into the doorway and then stopped as if a magical force field was in front of the chicken coop. I could not do anything to coax them out… Nothing! Not even treats!

When the snow finally stopped falling , they ventured out into the yard to investigate the new blanket of white.

ice chix 01It was even more difficult to get them out once the REAL snow hit! But it sure did make the farm look so pretty and white! They just would not come out while it was snowing… No Chicken Little, the sky is NOT falling! :o)

ice chix 02The bravest one was Gretel, who is just standing in the doorway…

I think eventually they just got too hungry to stay inside anymore when there were treats to be had…

ice chix 03What would they do if we ever had a REAL winter??? 


Mountain Mama said...

Thank you for a very entertaining post. It reminded me of my chickens. It has been several years since I had them but they all had names and I thouroughly enjoyed them. Mine didn't like the snow either.

Chicken coop plans said...

It just goes to show how resilient chickens are. They really can cope with very cold climates.